TairNean (tairneanach) wrote,

Well. 16 years later.

Wow. Talk about a time capsule. I haven't looked at this in at least 15 years. This was never my primary journal, it just happens to be the one that I remembered the login for. I doubt anyone will see this, I'm not even convinced anyone still uses this medium anymore. Everything is facebook and twitter. Neither of which I use. Nonetheless, here I am. Ranting for the sake of ranting, because I feel the need to rant and, well, see above. I do apologize to anyone who *does* read this and uses LJ to escape the political stupidity on facebook and twitter, but I can remain silent no longer.

I really wonder what's going to happen when the Trumpians realize they've been conned by a real estate tycoon who hails from one of the most corrupt parts of the country; a place that is rife with organized crime. The Tony Sopranos; the John Gottis. Fictional and non-fictional, they all hail from the NY/NJ area. A man who has never "fixed" a problem in his life. Who has simply buried said problems under money, and hidden them behind legal loopholes.

Newsflash people: Trump is just as crooked as Hillary. To this day he has not released those tax records. He is the epitome of what the rest of the world hates about Americans. The very model of the stereotype of fat, brash, materialistic, loudmouthed, money-hungry and ignorant capitalists, who care about nothing other than filling their offshore bank accounts with more money. No matter who or what they step on in the process.

He is an insult to the men and women who died to make the United States of America a free country. He is an insult to the very tenet of Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for all. He has disgraced and dishonored the memories of the men and women who died making sure a flag did not fall on the fateful night a lawyer penned a little ditty called the "Star-Spangled Banner." He is an affront to the free Americans who "Would die on their feet, before kneeling to a tyrant." He is everything wrong with capitalism, and nothing that is right about it.

He has no business running a country; he has no business in the White House. How many times has he cried "bankruptcy"? Running a free nation is nothing like barking orders from a comfy chair in a boardroom.

What has happened to the country I gave four years of my life to? What will happen to the Freedoms I swore to defend? To the tyranny I vowed to battle? The US Special Forces has a motto: "De Oppresso Liber" To free the oppressed. What happens if Americans become the ones oppressed?(Calling for gag orders, and media blackouts on 'inconsequential' departments is only the beginning. The nazi regime started out small too.)
Will the men and women who serve(d), the men and women who take the Special Forces motto to heart; will they risk treason? Will the risk being labelled traitors to honor that motto, the oath they swore, and the memories of their fallen brothers and sisters who gave all in the name of Freedom?

I would. Because I am an American; and I will die on my feet before I will kneel to a tyrant.

Being a patriot does not mean hate. It means you would give your life for the country you love. That you are willing to die to defend your home and land. It means that you will endure against all odds. It means that come morning; "Our Flag was still there."

Do NOT remain silent. Do NOT allow our country to become the 4th Reich. March! Stand up for Freedom! Be as loud, boisterous and obnoxious as humanly possible. Let the world know that we are better than what they think of us. Do NOT go quietly into the night...
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