TairNean (tairneanach) wrote,

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Where is the promised land?

Somewhere far from me, I'm sure..

Where are we bound?

To a place of fire?
or a place of ice?

Only the gods know for sure.
And I don't think they'll tell the living.
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for us the downtroden there is no promised land....
a bear with a coat of blackest pitch and eyes sharper than any steel known to man observes the clearing ... he steps forth while the cloaked traveler is away .....and uses his paws to scratch these words into the earth:

our indian brothers were promised land... and look where they are

if we are heading to a land of winter or mayhaps a land of fire

perhaps we walked there blindly
heaven forbid if we are to have walked there ourselves
especially if we were open eyed all the way

with that the bear of midnights pitch wanders back into the woods in search of some good bagles as it is quite difficult to find good bagles in the boonies.