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The Skyline

The skyline is empty
Save for a pillar of smoke and dust
Destruction as far as the eye can see
how many lives crushed?

With every cry for help..
every scream of pain

There was a day when the Sky turned black
and the seas had run red with blood.
The big silver bird could not turn back
In that moment they understood.

Concrete and steel screamed in agony
And hell burned upon the Earth
in a hot and crimson symphony
no longer had life any worth..

The Sky filled with smoke
and life began to choke
Thousands died,
millions cried

And the dogs in empty windows
Do they understand?
do they smell the death Wind blows?
When grief rolls across the land.

A pillar of dust and smoke
fills the empty skyline
on the smell of death, we choke
A new anguish defined.

Shattered souls scream in the morning light
Oblivion took a morning flight
Thousands died...

Millions cried..

--Paul A. Werner II

Fire scorched the skies, America wept..
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