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Myopic Clarity...

It is cold now, the Traveller's fire has burned down to embers, and the chimney-stack has dwindled down to about 4 logs. The tavern-pipe disappears 'neath the woolen cloak, and the Traveller places one more log onto the coalbed. He stands and stretches wearily and strides toward his bedroll. Something at the treeline catches the Traveller's weary eye; a pair of emerald green, phosphorant and lupine eyes. With a tired-soft, thin smile that showed no teeth, the Traveller spoke.

" 'Ello Lad. I was a-wonderin' when ye'd show up.."

At the sound of the Traveller's voice, a large, coal-black wolf--barely visible in the dying firelight-- trots out of the treeline and sits down beside the Traveller. The huge wolf leans in and nuzzles the man's weather-worn face. A chuckle eminates from the depths of the grey hood.

"Aye, lad. Missed ye too..Care t'share some warmth?"

The Traveller reached up and scratched the Wolf's proud head, and the wolf turned to his friend's hand and licked it, then settled down next to the Traveller.

"Where are we bound, Lad?"

The Traveller looked to the star-bejewelled sky and sighed softly. "There, mayhap?"

"Mayhap, indeed. Someone said goodbye to me today. Aye, you know her well, lad. But ye know...I'm nae angry..nae even sad. We dunna hate each other. In fact we still love each other so very much. Environmental factors..tha's wha' did us in. An' ironically, after today..I'm even m�r certain of that Love. I told her I wasna say goodbye...when she asked me why..I said because I nae dead yet. An' we talked. She's an amazin' woman..heh..but ye know tha' dun ye lad. Our Love is strong..I know that even m�r now. I really dun think it's forever. Or even eternity. We jes love each other too much for tha'..."

The Wolf huddled closer to the Traveller and once more moved its head to the Traveller's hood, licking his face.

"Aye..you dun think so either? Well, I'll listen t' ye..after all..yer the smart one on this team.."

The Traveller ruffled the Wolf's ears and looked once more to the sky. He picked out a particular star, a bit West, and blew a kiss to it, knowing in his heart that he will see her again. The Traveller hunkered down into his cloak and closed his tired eyes, curling around his fellow traveller, friend, and Guide, Wolf.
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She- "Are we gonna survive this?"
He - "This is us. We survive everything."
Know you won't really receive this comment as it is prolly linked to a very old email account, but anyway.
I love you. Always have. Always will.